A supportive environment where ideas run wild.


All students, researchers, and PhDs enrolled at DTU as well as young entrepreneurs have free access to Skylab, including the FoodLab workshop. Students from other universities can also participate if engaged in wider DTU activities.

Course collaborations

Food system innovation activities are at the core of the DTU Skylab FoodLab; therefore, we host courses and projects from various DTU departments. To date, the lab has hosted student activities and semester projects from the following courses:
If you would like to work on a project at the FoodLab through your course work or learn what course collaborations we have coming up, please check out the above course descriptions or contact the FoodLab team.


The Skylab FoodLab welcomes students and researchers from across the globe for 3-6 month internships. We promote radical self-reliance and participation. Skylab is your stage - feel free to propose activities and radical projects!

You will be responsible to build up your own dream internship project, that ideally aligns with the Skylab’s mission and values.

Please download our internship guide for more info and email the team at foodlab.intern@dtu.dk.

Student Organizations, Initiatives, & Self-Driven Projects

Student organizations, initiatives, and individuals with a self-driven project interested in food system based activities are welcome to utilize the FoodLab facility. DTU Skylab is the place and space to meet and team up with other members of our community, start your own startup, make prototypes or simply just a place to work with what interests you.

If you have an idea, we have the facilities, experts and initiatives to help you reach your goals. Skylab FoodLab is open from 9:00-16:30 every week day, and DTU Skylab is open 24/7 to all DTU Students, who are working on a project in the facility. Feel free to drop by.

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