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DTU Skylab FoodLab is the food system change laboratory of the Technical University of Denmark's innovation hub.
Our Mission

Our mission

DTU Skylab FoodLab is the Technical University of Denmark's multidisciplinary laboratory for food system change and innovation. We are located inside of Skylab, DTU's innovation hub.

Our mission is to support food and agriculture based innovation and entrepreneurship. We train the next generation of engineers to address food systems in a sustainable and systematic way by building connections across food system actors. Ideas and projects are tested in close cooperation with researchers, organizations, industry, policy makers, farmers, artists and chefs.

We operate across borders, exploring how technology can be fundamental in solving food challenges in both developed and developing regions of the world.

Wild Ideas

We stand for progress, for moving society ahead, for inspiring others through wild ideas.

Critical Discussions

We believe in balancing new technological know-how with traditional knowledge to promote new, sustainable value chains.

Systems Thinking

For us, the word ‘food’ does not only categorize food as an ingredient but also as a complex ecosystem.

Sustainable Development

We incorporate the aims of the Sustainable Development Goals into our work.

Interdisciplinary projects. Startups.
Student course work.
Industry partnerships.
Lab research.


Inter-disciplinary projects

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Real World Collaborations

Industry partnerships for healthier food systems

We believe that everyone has a relationship to food and that everyone in the world is affected by the way food is designed, produced, distributed and consumed.
DTU Students

Student innovation across the food system

We support innovation by providing all DTU students with free access to our workshop and offering them the possibility of conducting research, product development and prototyping.
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