Following the Sustainable Development Goal agenda, Skylab FoodLab collaborates with business, research institutions and civil society organizations through public and private partnership.

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Do you have a challenge that requires engineering skills to be solved? Are you looking for talented students for jobs or internships? Would you like to mentor and share your experiences with students at DTU? 

By providing access to the latest research-based knowledge and innovation, we help partners tap into DTU's solution-oriented mindset. For more information on partnering with the DTU Skylab FoodLab, email our Manager Roberto Flore or view our contact page.

From ideation to prototyping, we connect bright engineering students and researchers with our partners.

We promote technology-based innovation with the goal of developing visionary, go-to-market solutions to challenges affecting food systems.

We support innovation that helps maintain the food system within the planetary boundries.

Ways to partner with us


Mentor and advise students in the development of agri-food products

Host challenges

Partner with us for solving global challenges related to the food system


Co-create events, workshops, and interdisciplinary lectures in a local and international setting with our team


Support programs for students through materials, tools, or other donations

Research & Prototyping

Connect to engineering students (PhD, master's, and bachelors) for activities related to research, product development, and prototyping

Our Collaborators

Special ThanksDTU Skylab FoodLab would not be possible without the generous support of the Ellab-Fonden (Ellab Foundation).

Example Projects PLACEHOLDER

How to get involved

The FoodLab aims to bridge the real world with academia and hands on learning at DTU. To get involved, come by the lab and talk to one of the team members, or reach out to the Skylab FoodLab team over email.
We support innovation that helps maintain the food system within planetary bounds