Tripple P

Project goal

The goal of the project is to promote food security in East Africa, as well as introducing new food waste management system through the use of black soldier fly larvae.


At the current time, animal feed for livestock is extortionate in Eastern Africa, as it is imported and sourced from outside of the countries, which significantly increase the prices of livestock and make it mostly inaccessible for the populations. On the other hand, countries in Eastern Africa are also facing the issues of food insecurity due to food loss and waste.

The black soldier fly (BSF) is one of the most extensively researched insects and scientifically proved suitable for human consumption. This is why the project proposes to use BSF larvae for animal feed. Moreover, BSF has shown great potential for managing biodegradable waste as it can be easily fed on food waste and has a high biomass conversion rate.

This project was on a basis of the collaboration between DTU Skylab FoodLab and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), aiming at support student innovators from East Africa in developing solutions that use food as a vehicle for change.


Tripple is a social enterprise, dedicated in providing eco-friendly fertilizer and feed, which are locally-sourced and more affordable for local, small-scale farmers. They are building up a circular economy model by using BSF as the key element. Food waste is collected as feed for BSF, and two major outputs: droppings are used for producing fertilizers and larvae are further processed for animal feed.