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WHO Vegan Diet Study

Project goal

The goal of the project is to assess the nutritional value of plant-based meat substitutes, in order to understand the health impacts they have on the population.


WHO European Region is experiencing a diet shift from animal-source products towards processed plant-based alternatives. However, data about the nutritional content of these products is limited. Moreover, it is vital to conduct more research to understand the health impacts of plant-based meat substitutes. It is suspected that some of the offered products are high in salt, free sugars, saturated fat and can create consequences to obesity or pose the risk of NCD

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The NCD Office is conducting the study, which will focus on five countries within the WHO European Region –Denmark, Portugal, Russia, Netherlands, and the UK. The study will analyze the nutritional content of ultra-processed plant-based food products from the OOH (out-of-home) sector, which includes food and beverage outlets where food and drink can be bought for consumption outside the home. Research within the study is focusing on vegan burgers sold in restaurants and supermarkets.

The activity of DTU Skylab Foodlab in the scope of the project is to collect vegan burgers from restaurants (OOH sites) in Copenhagen, having firstly understood the availability and density of sites in the city to collect the most representative sample. Samples will further be sent for nutritional analysis. Data gathered in the project will provide the knowledge necessary for the development of healthy, nutritious ultra-processed plant-based foods.