Project goal

Improve the taste of plant based meat-alternatives in order to increase these products' competitiveness on the market and ultimately reduce food sector emissions.


Animal protein from industrial meat production and consumption causes pollution and acts as a barrier to reaching the goals of the Paris-agreement.

Plant based meat-alternatives have made headway in recent years in the supermarket and in consumer kitchens; however, there is still a long way to go to reduce animal protein demand. According to a study from Teknologisk Institut, one of the the primary reason people don't buy plant based is flavour - we say it lacks the "umph" richness of meat.


Umamamia develops organic flavour enhancers for plant based meat producers in order to improve their products.

Umamamia addresses the fundamental flavour problem with a scientific and user-orientated approach. We identify the needs of the user and the biochemical processes of flavour and combine them with organic raw materials and bioprocesses such as fermentation to develop our solution.