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Project goal

The EU-funded SUSINCHAIN project aims to increase the economic viability of the insect market by overcoming existing obstacles to scaling up the insect value chain in the EU. It will test and validate recently emerged technologies and processes aiming at a sustainable EU insect industry producing safe insect products or products from insect-fed animals which are appreciated by consumers.


An increase in population growth will affect both the supply and demand for human food. A major concern is protein supply and finding suitable substitutes for animal protein. Studies have shown that edible insects can provide the human population with high-quality protein, amino acids and vitamins. Though insects and insect-derived products have entered the European market since first being acknowledged as a valuable protein source for animal feed and human food production the last decade, their commercialization remains low.

Bugs help debug food insecurity issues.

Learn more about the SusInChain project on the Horizon 2020 website.

This project is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.


This project is underway! Please contact the DTU Skylab FoodLab for more information.