Lab research & collaboration

Danske Frilandssnegle (Nordic Snail) Collaboration

Project goal

To develop a snail product for Danske Frilandssnegle's (Nordic Snails) wholesale market targeting restaurants as the primary customer. The product should be easy to use with longer shelf-life and preferably could be stored and transported in a non-frozen condition. The product should maintain a high quality and sensorial profile. Further, the taste of the snails should allow chefs to experiment with their own seasonings.


Danske Frilandssnegle (Nordic Snail) raises Helix Aspersa snails on their farm in Denmark with a focus on animal welfare and ecological production.

The specie Helix Aspersa makes a great alternative to the traditional French Bourgogne Snail, due to it's juicy and tender meat. The nutritional value of snails is high, rich in protein and low fat. Essential minerals and vitamins are high and the meat contains different types of antioxidants that can boost the immune system.

Read more about Danske Frilandssnegle on their website here!


The Skylab FoodLab in collaboration with KU delivered a protocol that improves texture of the cooked snails, prolongs shelf life, and sets up a more efficient and safe processing protocol for Nordic Snails to use in their scale up efforts.