Project goal

Contribute to a local and healthier food production by improving the business case of vertical farming with robotics solutions. 


Seasony is a startup specializing in robotic solutions for vertical farming. While getting their start, Seasony worked out of the DTU Skylab FoodLab and the Skylab Incubator.

Vertical farming is one of the most promising ways to achieve sustainable food production. With 95% less water and 100x more efficient land use, the technology seems promising, but costs are high in both operation and upfront investment. Looking at the operating budget of vertical farms we see that around 56% of the operating cost is labor. So to fully realize the potentials, the production must be profitable and adaptable, so it can become a scalable solution for bettering the food industry’s impact on our planet.


Seasony brings the dream of local food production to life. With high-tech robotics, the team provides food producers with robotics solutions for vertical farming. Seasony’s solution is an autonomous mobile robot that replaces the need for human beings working out of a scissor lift. The robot handles all logistics and monitoring previously done by a human operator. The robot reduces the need for intensive manual labor while collecting data, allowing farmers to make crucial decisions and optimize their output. By automating the production with robotics and remote monitoring, Seasony lowers labor costs and offers solutions for food producers that are economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

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