Master's thesis

Holistic Food Innovation at Roskilde Festival

Project goal



Project Goal

Improve the social and economic aspect of the Roskilde Festival food experience. Create alternative food offerings with a reduced environmental impact.


Roskilde Festival is the biggest festival in Northern Europe. Roskilde Festival is currently applying a strategy that focuses on human, environmental and economic sustainability, which contributes to the festival's sustainable development (Bæredygtighedsstrategi 2019-2020, Roskilde Restival, 2019). During the 8-day long festival, festival guests will buy around 1.6 million dishes.

Our research shows that many festival guests bring long lasting food to the festival in part because the price for dishes at food stalls can be expensive. This food is prepared in poor conditions resulting in low quality meals. The festival guests have voiced a need for improvement regarding the social and economic aspect of food experience at the festival and Roskilde Festival expressed a desire to improve their current food offering with an alternative that also reduces environmental impact.

Our development process was conducted with an entrepreneurial and a Design Thinking approach that especially focuses on Customer Empathy. Business Models have been used as a tool to reach impactful and realistic results. Design methods have been utilised to create a holistic solution with a foundation in economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Project Prototype

The outcome of the development process is a customer involving food concept, SelvSkab, an open kitchen run in collaboration with RF. SelvSkab enhances collaboration and festival spirit, thereby increasing the overall well being of the festival. SelvSkab sells organic and vegetarian meal kits and juice kits with an overall low environmental impact. These initiatives have been validated and approved of potential customers and gives the values of Roskilde Festival's sustainability strategy the pride of place.

We believe that SelvSkab has potential to radically change the way people eat at Roskilde Festival by showing a new way of cooking with (new) friends and acquaintances. Decisions in the concept has been based on customer input to ensure a prper product-market fit that improves the overall festival for the guests of SelvSkab. The concept embraces the festival's value and increases RF's incentive to implement SelvSkab at the next and future festivals, and thereby drive the festival in a more sustainable direction.