Student project


Project goal

Our project goal is to deliver a design that enables commuters to have healthier food options when in transit.


According to Gehl Architects, there is a correlation between unhealthy food and transit hubs. Unhealthy eating habits often link with noncommunicable diseases, including overweight and obesity, which affect public health adversely.

The field studies from Gehl found that Denmark is facing the same issue: more than the 50% of the adult population in Denmark are overweight (Sundhedsstyrelsen, 2019) and unhealthy food vendors are more visible and conveniently placed in major transit hubs throughout Copenhagen. Furthermore, unhealthy food vendors run aggressive advertisements in these the transit hubs,  favoring the unhealthy choices in their points of sales and offering more budget-friendly products, which are often with low nutritional value.

The pervious Gehl studies on foodscapes have mainly focused on the social aspects for youths and transit hubs, whereas our observation study found that the consumers mainly consisted of adult commuters and determined consumers. As the behavior of determined consumers is relatively difficult to intervene with, the project focuses on adult commuters.


The solution is a mobile food vendor, that sells healthy and affordable food at transit hubs. The food products are fresh but close to expiring date and collected from grocery stores, cafes, etc. by a cargo bike, that afterwards works as the vendor at the transit hubs.

By doing so, we ensure that healthy food items will be readily available at convenient locations and sold at affordable prices. Moreover, by collecting soon-to-expire foods from local retailers, we are aiming to combat 360.00 tons of food that is wasted annually.