Nordic Crabs

Project goal



Nordic Crabs is a food-based startup focusing on sustainability and social awareness.

Project Goal

The project seeks to utilize European green crabs, which are considered a pest in inland Danish waters.

Our vision is to utilize an untapped resource in the form of European green crabs and thereby create a new value-chain for the fishermen of Denmark. 


There is an estimated 2-300.000 tons of crabs threatening the Danish aquatic wildlife due to their aggressive stance towards other wildlife and growing numbers. 


Nordic Crabs implements a fermentation technique that extracts all of the nutrients from the crab and infuses it into a high potency condiment sauce.

Fishermen haul the crabs as bycatch, burdening their livelihood through wasted resources required to handle the crabs and through the crabs' consumption of the main haul. The crabs have no proper market value due to their low meat content even though many chefs have tried to make use of them.

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If you'd like to get in touch with Nordic Crabs please contact Laia at Follow their journey on Instagram @nordiccrabs!