Project goal

Our mission is to give people a reason to love vegan spreads.

Vegan spreads are often associated with dull taste, gummy texture and is usually full of additives. Kulturmajeriet wants to change that.


Our products speak to a growing food trend. In April 2020, Kulturmajeriet conducted a survey with 600 responses showing that the willingness to buy plant-based spreads is great; however, often the spreads available today are purchased for lack of better options.


Our spreads achieve taste and character through long-term maturation and differ from other plant-based alternatives in both taste and quality. We stick to the fermentation and maturation that has been used in production for generations, however, we replace animal-based ingredients with nuts, grains, salt and cultures - nothing else.

Our product contributes to the green development in Denmark by creating better products of higher quality, to encourage more people to eat plant-based.