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Contempehrary Collaboration

Project goal

Help Contempehrary to improve their tempeh recipe and set up a standardized and safe production protocol.


Contempehrary is a start-up company, applying traditional Indonesian fermentation with modern production procedures and Nordic grown ingredients. Their goal is to produce Nordic tempeh and introduce it to Nordic food cultures.

After living in Bali, Indonesia for one and a half years, Tobias and Sabine, the founders of Contempehrary, decided to move back to Denmark to start their business of producing Nordic Tempeh by using local and organic ingredients. The company is based in Anneberg Kulturparken in Odsherred, where is now a hub for food SMEs and artists.

Tempeh, widely believed to have originated in Indonesia, is normally a product fermented with member of the mould-genera Rhizopus: namely R.oryzae or R. oligosporus.  Even though it is commonly made with soybeans, substrates of tempeh in fact vary. Therefore, it gives great versatility.


Based on the experiments we had in DTUSkylab FoodLab, we propose a recipe, which yields a compact product, with a balanced flavor and potentially a better nutritional profile compared to the company's original product. On top of that, we also propose a manufacturing process based on the consideration of scalability and the incorporation of a HACCP system to reduce the risk of potential hazards and to increase the safety for consumption. Learn more about Contempehrary here.