Casju (formerly FruitUp)

Project goal



Project Goal

Turn food loss from the cashew industry, primarily the cashew fruits, into a stable food ingredient to combat food waste and to support African cashew farmers.


More than half of the cashews eaten worldwide are produced by African farmers. African farmers and other players in the food supply chain rarely use the fruit, because they cannot get it to market or do not know how to utilize the fruit. More than 16 million tons of cashew fruit are wasted in Africa each year (source:

A cashew fruit (also known as a cashew apple) with the cashew seed (which contains the raw nut) hangs on a cashew tree.

Product Prototypes

In collaboration with DTU Skylab FoodLab, Casju has developed ways to preserve the cashew fruit.

Casju's cashew fruit caramel (left) and cashew fruit paste (right).

Since Casju's time in the Skylab FoodLab, Marianne and her team have participated in numerous accelerator programs and have developed Casju's core product: caramels with cashew-fruit.

Casju is currently live on Coop Crowdfunding here:

Learn more about Casju on their company website:

Note, Marianne currently looks for a co-founder/partner. Please reach out if you are interested in this opportunity.

Prototypes of cashew fruit processing in the Skylab FoodLab.

Marianne and Camilla, who worked on their Master's thesis together, travelled to Tanzania to meet with local producers.

Roberto, the Skylab FoodLab manager, inspects the cashew fruit.

A distillery producing brandy with cashew fruits.