Beta Blockers

Project goal

The goal of the project is to develop a protein-rich biscuit, based on locally-sourced ingredients, to fight malnutrition among Ethiopian children.


Ethiopia has some of the highest rates of malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency globally: around 28% of all child mortality is associated with undernutrition, 44% amongst under-five children are anaemic, and 40% stunting rate.

The high levels of malnutrition in Ethiopia results from an accumulation of different causes, ranging from persistent food insecurity, poor maternal and child feeding practices, high incidence of infectious diseases, and limited access to quality nutrition services. Furthermore, research has shown that various forms of malnutrition among vulnerable groups can have serious societal consequences, inclusive of slowing economic growth and perpetuating poverty.


To prevent malnutrition amongst Ethiopian children, Beta Blockers has developed a biscuit that meets the daily protein requirements. The biscuits have a high nutritional value and are made with locally sourced crops, such as barley and fava beans. 

By sourcing the raw ingredients directly from local farmers, domestic economy and agricultural sectors are as well supported. Furthermore, the cost of buying raw materials is reduced, which makes biscuit affordable. Eventually, the goal of the project is to offer the biscuit to school children to alleviate under- or malnutrition in Ethiopia.